Parallax 心跳感測模組 查看大圖

Parallax 心跳感測模組


Parallax 心跳感測模組提供了所有必要的元件讓你可以輕鬆的連結到你的控制器。


NT$ 2,625 含稅



Our Heart Rate Monitor Experiment Kit gives you all the essential pieces to make a human heartbeat an input to your microcontroller project. 

The Polar Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Receiver can communicate together with up to an 80 cm reception range.  See the Downloads below for the manufacturer's specifications. We've added a few items to facilitate the connection to your microcontroller and to add visible and audible output to your project.

This transmitter and receiver pair were included in the Inspiration Kit for the 2013 National microMedic Contest. They proved to be such popular ingredient for the winning biomedical device projects that we are offering them again in this kit. Be sure to check out the Additional Resources below for links to example code and inspiring customer applications from the contest.



  • Wearable Polar Heart Rate Monitor (T34) is embedded in a convenient strap  
  • Polar Heart Rate Receiver accepts 3 to 5 VDC and takes only 200 mA
  • 3-pin header included to optionally solder to the receiver for breadboard prototyping
  • LEDs and piezo speaker included to add light and sound to your application


  • (1)  - Polar T34 Wearlink Heart Rate Monitor (#28047)
  • (1)  - Wireless Heart Rate Receiver (#28048)
  • (1)  - Rectangular LED, Blue Clear (#350-00051)
  • (1)  - Rectangular LED, Red Clear (#350-00052)
  • (1)  - 3-pin Single Row Header (#451-00303)
  • (4)  - 220 ohm resistors, 1/4 W (#150-02210)
  • (1)  - 3-inch jumper wires, 1 bag of 10 (#800-00016)