OpenMV M7 Camera 送固定架及線材


OpenMV Cam是一種小巧的低功耗微控制器板,可讓您在現實世界中使用機器視覺輕鬆實現應用程序。您可以使用高級Python腳本(由MicroPython 操作系統提供)而不是C / C ++對OpenMV Cam進行程式編輯


NT$ 2,000 含稅

-NT$ 362

NT$ 2,362 含稅



OpenMV Cam是一種小巧的低功耗微控制器板,可讓您在現實世界中使用機器視覺輕鬆實現應用程序。您可以使用高級Python腳本(由MicroPython 操作系統提供)而不是C / C ++對OpenMV Cam進行程式編輯。這使得處理機器視覺算法的複雜輸出和使用高級數據結構變得更加容易。但是,您仍然可以完全控制Python中的OpenMV Cam及其I / O引腳。您可以輕鬆觸發有關外部事件的拍照和錄像,或者執行機器視覺算法來弄清楚如何控制I / O引腳。



  • The STM32F765VI ARM Cortex M7 processor running at 216 MHz with 512KB of RAM and 2 MB of flash. All I/O pins output 3.3V and are 5V tolerant. The processor has the following I/O interfaces:
    • A full speed USB (12Mbs) interface to your computer. Your OpenMV Cam will appear as a Virtual COM Port and a USB Flash Drive when plugged in.
    • A μSD Card socket capable of 100Mbs reads/writes which allows your OpenMV Cam to record video and easy pull machine vision assets off of the μSD card.
    • A SPI bus that can run up to 54Mbs allowing you to easily stream image data off the system to either the LCD Shield, the WiFi Shield, or another microcontroller.
    • An I2C Bus (up to 1Mb/s), CAN Bus (up to 1Mb/s), and an Asynchronous Serial Bus (TX/RX, up to 7.5Mb/s) for interfacing with other microcontrollers and sensors.
    • A 12-bit ADC and a 12-bit DAC.
    • Three I/O pins for servo control.
    • Interrupts and PWM on all I/O pins (there are 10 I/O pins on the board).
    • And, an RGB LED and two high power 850nm IR LEDs.
  • The OV7725 image sensor is capable of taking 640x480 8-bit Grayscale images or 640x480 16-bit RGB565 images at 75 FPS when the resolution is above 320x240 and 150 FPS when it is below. Most simple algorithms will run between 75-150 FPS on QVGA (320x240) resolutions and below.  Your OpenMV Cam comes with a 2.8mm lens on a standard M12 lens mount. If you want to use more specialized lenses with your OpenMV Cam you can easily buy and attach them yourself.



  • TensorFlow Lite支持微控制器
  • 幀差異
  • 顏色追踪
  • 標記追踪
  • 人臉檢測
  • 眼動追踪
  • 人物檢測
  • 光流
  • QR碼檢測/解碼
  • 數據矩陣檢測/解碼
  • 線性條形碼解碼
  • AprilTag跟踪
  • 線路檢測
  • 圓檢測
  • 矩形檢測
  • 模板匹配
  • 影像擷取
  • 視頻錄製



  • Processor
    • ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M7 CPU
    • w/ Double Precision FPU
    • 216 MHz (462 DMIPS)
    • Core Mark Score: 1082
      (compare w/ Raspberry Pi Zero: 2060)
  • RAM Layout
    • 16KB Stack
    • 128KB .DATA/.BSS/Heap
    • 384KB Frame Buffer/Stack
      (512KB Total)
  • Flash Layout
    • 32KB Bootloader
    • 96KB Embedded Flash Drive
    • 1920KB Firmware
      (2MB Total)
  • Supported Image Formats
    • Grayscale
    • RGB565
    • JPEG (and BAYER)
  • Maximum Supported Resolutions
    • Grayscale: 640x480 and under
    • RGB565: 320x240 and under
    • Grayscale JPEG: 640x480 and under
    • RGB565 JPEG: 640x480 and under
  • Lens Info
    • Focal Length: 2.8mm
    • Aperture: F2.0
    • Format: 1/3"
    • HFOV = 70.8°, VFOV = 55.6°
    • Mount: M12*0.5
    • IR Cut Filter: 650nm (removable)
  • Electrical Info
    • All pins are 5V tolerant with 3.3V output. All pins can sink or source up to 25mA. P6 is not 5V tolerant in ADC or DAC mode. Up to 120mA may be sinked or sourced in total between all pins. VIN may be between 3.6V and 5V. Do not draw more than 250mA from your OpenMV Cam's 3.3V rail.
  • Weight
    • 16g
  • Length
    • 45mm
  • Width
    • 36mm
  • Height
    • 30mm

OpenMV Cam Pinout



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