DHB-10 10A 雙通道全橋馬達驅動器 / H橋馬達控制板




NT$ 2,050 含稅




適用於許多種機器人平台,如Arlo Robot、Motor Mount、Wheel Kit等等。

The DHB-10 is an open-source, 10 amp dual H-bridge motor controller, for the Arlo Robot platform or our Motor Mount and Wheel Kit. It features an onboard multicore Propeller microcontroller to provide precise closed-loop or open-loop control for two individual motor channels.

The DHB-10 comes preloaded with open-source firmware designed specifically for use with the Arlo robot platform or Motor Mount & Wheel Kit, and BASIC Stamp Board of Education, BOE Shield with Arduino Uno, or Propeller Activity Board.  Firmware updates may be loaded using a Prop Plug. (The current firmware is not designed for supporting other motor control applications.)


  • Built-in 8-core 80 MHz Propeller P8X32A microcontroller with 64 KB EEPROM and 5 MHz crystal
  • Wide 6–24 VDC supply voltage range with reverse polarity protection
  • Two independent 10 A motor control channels
  • Pin headers for direct plug-in of the Parallax 36-position Quadrature Encoder Set (#29321)
  • Screw terminals for large-current motors
  • Two flexible input channels allow control of both motors together or individually
  • Input channels automatically sense PWM or serial data commands
  • Reset button to return to PWM/Serial auto-detect mode or to clear errors
  • Power and motor status LEDs
  • Four grounded 0.125 inch (3.2 mm) mounting holes
  • Accepts mini fuses; 20 amp fuse included and installed
  • Pads provided for the Prop Plug tool (#32201) to load firmware updates


  • Power requirements: 6-24 VDC (DHB-10 and motor supply voltage)
  • Maximum continuous motor current: 10 A per channel; 13.5 A total
  • Maximum surge motor current: 12 A per channel, 24 A total
  • Communication: 19,200 to 115,200 baud open-collector non-inverted Serial or PWM
  • Dimensions: 3.05 x 2.56 in (77.5 x 65 mm)
  • Operating temp range: 32 to 158 °F (0 to 70 °C)