Picoboard 初學者入門套件(庫存:1)


SparkFun PicoBoard入門套件是您開始學習有關SparkFun PicoBoard和Scratch編程的得力助手。套件中包括了控制板與多個模組,不需要任何焊接,非常適合初學者!快來試試看熟悉Scratch與感應器的結合運用吧!


NT$ 2,709 含稅



Scratch與PicoBoard是學習軟硬體整合互動的絕佳入門工具,簡單易上手,均為Open Source。



SparkFun PicoBoard入門套件是您開始學習有關SparkFun PicoBoard和Scratch編程的得力助手。套件中包括了控制板與多個模組,不需要任何焊接,非常適合初學者!快來試試看熟悉Scratch與感應器的結合運用吧!

The SparkFun PicoBoard Starter Kit is your go-to source to begin learning everything about the SparkFun PicoBoard and the Scratch programming environment. This kit includes your very own PicoBoard, multiple pieces of hardware to get you started, and connecting components to get you hooked up. Using the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive programs based on the input from sensors. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as four additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.

The on-line Getting Started Guide (found in the Documents section below) contains step by step instructions of how to set up your PicoBoard and how to program it in the Scratch programming environment. We have supplied plenty of detailed images on how to get started.

This kit will not require any soldering and is recommended for all ages interested in getting started with programming. So if you are an educators or even a beginner, the SparkFun Picoboard Starter Kit is a great way to get into the very basics of programming and reading sensors!

Note: The PicoBoard is a derivative work of the Scratch Sensor Board.


  • 1x SparkFun PicoBoard
  • 1x 直流馬達
  • 1x 紅色搖桿按鈕
  • 1x 綠色音頻線
  • 1x 撥動開關
  • 1x 旋轉電位器
  • 1x 方形壓力感測器
  • 1x 磁鐵盤
  • 1x 簧片開關
  • 1x 熱敏電阻10K
  • 4x 矽膠圓形小軟墊
  • 4x 2.5mm雙鱷魚夾音頻線
  • 10x 鱷魚夾線
  • 10x 公對公杜邦線