DragonTail for micro:bit - Fully Assembled


BBC micro是一款可愛的多功能學習板,內置LED、傳感器,甚至內置藍牙LE收音機。這是一個可和PCB匹配的插座,若您想連接一個伺服器,一些NeoPixels,或所有其他簡單的組件,您可以使用我們的鱷魚到插頭電纜,這可將一個或兩個零件連接到電源和P0、P1或P2焊盤。無法連接一些I / O引腳,如I2C。


NT$ 350 含稅



Sometimes I dream of having a miniature pet dragon that would sit on my shoulder, while I write code and build projects. Maybe its little snorts of fire could even heat up my soldering iron after I turn it on? An adorable fantasy, I know... So while we're all waiting for genetic engineering to catch up with our desires, this DragonTail breakout will have to do!

So, we made the Adafruit DragonTail for micro:bit. This breakout board has the card-edge connector for your micro:bit, and then breaks out all the pads so that it can be plugged in to any solderless breadboard. You even get two pads for the power railing! It comes fully assembled - no soldering required. And every pad is clearly labeled: by name, if it has an analog input, and when it is shared with the LED matrix.

Would you expect any less from your friendly pet dragon?


PCB Dimensions:

  • 57mm x 53.5mm x 19mm / 2.2" x 2.1" / 0.7"
  • Width of T: 10.2mm / 0.4"
  • Weight: 18.2g / 0.72oz


Product Weight: 18.2g / 0.6oz