Tamiya 70168 雙馬達減速機套件


Tamiya的雙齒輪箱將兩個獨立的齒輪系統組合成一個緊湊且價格合理的包裝,非常適合小型移動機器人。 每側可以組裝成具有四種齒輪比中的一種:(12.7:1 / 38:1 / 115:1 / 344:1)。


NT$ 450 含稅



Tamiya雙變速箱是一個緊湊型裝置,帶有兩個獨立的馬達和齒輪系。 該套件包括兩個馬達和所有齒輪和零件,以構建四種可能的齒輪比配置中的任何一種(12.7:1,38:1,115:1和344:1)。 儘管不典型,但可以用不同的傳動比組裝每一側。 有兩種可能的輸出軸位置(對於任何給定的齒輪比,只能有一個輸出位置)。

The output shafts included in this kit are 3 mm hexagonal axles that are 10 cm (about four inches) from tip to tip. The axles work with any of the Tamiya wheels we carry, giving you many options for your robot speed. The low-voltage motors run on 3-6 volts and draw up to a few amps, making them perfect candidates for the DRV8833 motor driver carrier. Motor overheating can be caused by excessive stalling, even at very low voltages. We recommend that you use stall-detection sensors, or just watch your robot, to make sure that it doesn’t stall for more than a few seconds at a time. For motor specs, see the Mabuchi motor FA-130 (#18100) data sheet (58k pdf).

Note that you can replace the motor in this kit with a lower-current, higher-voltage motor if you want to use this gearbox with controllers such as the qik 2s9v1 dual serial motor controller, TB6612FNG dual motor driver carrier, or Baby Orangutan B-328 robot controller.


Typical operating voltage: 3 V
Gear ratio options: 12.7, 38, 115, 344 :1
No-load motor shaft speed @ 3V: 12300 rpm1
No-load current @ 3V: 150 mA2
Stall current @ 3V: 2100 mA
Motor shaft stall torque @ 3V: 0.5 oz·in3
Color: gray


Tamiya Gearbox Gear Ratio Comparison

Tamiya “Toy” Motor Testing by Adam Borrell (a.k.a nexisnet) (Printable PDF)