Scribbler 3 (S3) 機器人 / 透過BlocklyProp 簡易拉圖控


簡單又堅固的Scribbler S3 機器人,幾分鐘就可以讓你完成設定馬上使用,功能強大又便利,內建預編了 8 種模式,包括光線尋找、物體檢測、物體避開、路線跟隨等等。



NT$ 6,510 含稅



簡單又堅固的Scribbler S3 機器人,幾分鐘就可以讓你完成設定馬上使用,功能強大又便利,內建預編了 8 種模式,包括光線尋找、物體檢測、物體避開、路線跟隨等等。

除了程式方面,機器人也能加裝 Sharpie 標記筆 來讓你隨意操控塗鴉,同時也能發聲,讓你輕鬆擁有一個聰明又頑皮的活潑機器人!要來點"藝術"感做個小文青機器人也OK!


當然,對於編程已小有心得的朋友們,有使用過原本一、二代機器人的話,也可以直接簡單的轉換,當然也可以繼續在三代使用spin和Propeller C中編程


BlocklyProp - Find more products supported by BlocklyProp programming.

The Scribbler 3 (S3) the perfect place for students and teachers to begin their STEM/STEAM journey.  The robust, easy-to-use S3 robot is simple enough to set up in minutes, and is powerful enough to teach engaging activities throughout the school year.  Programming, robotics, and even integrating math and art are all possible with the S3.

The BlocklyProp online tool is the S3 robot’s primary programming environment. Its interlocking blocks with readable text let beginners build programs in an intuitive, visually logical way. The BlocklyProp tool exposes the S3’s encoders to provide control over distance and speed for all possible types of movement. Pre-made blocks support all of the S3 robot’s sensors, motors. In addition, blocks are included for select accessories that plug into the S3’s Hacker Port. Customize your S3 by connecting a Parallax Standard Servo, PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, or even an XBee RF module if you are an adventurous hacker willing to open the case.

Those who know the original S1 and S2 may also appreciate the S3 GUI for Windows as an easy transition for existing Scribbler curriculum.   

And of course, the S3 robot’s Propeller microcontroller brain may also be programmed directly in Spin language or Propeller C by advanced users.


  • Fully assembled with a durable shell
  • 8 pre-programmed play modes let your Scribbler interact with you, right out of the box
  • Easy to program with our our free, open-source graphic and text based options
  • Built-in sensors for line following, light seeking, object avoidance, and stall sensing
  • DC motors with encoders allow for detailed scribbling, maze navigation, and distance control.
  • Integrated pen port fits pens up to a standard Sharpie in diameter - The S3 can scribble as it drives
  • Speaker plays robot-generated musical notes and sound effects
  • Hacker Port gives access to 5 digital I/O pins, two analog pins, 3.3V, 5V, and ground
  • Silicone o-ring tires provide good traction without leaving marks
  • S3 Li-Po Battery and Programming/Charging Cable included

Application Ideas

  • STEAM programs combining art with robotics technology and math
  • After-school robotics clubs
  • Robotics and programming competitions

SHIPPING: Lithium batteries are shipped via UPS only; restrictions apply by country; see details.



每份包裝內含:S3機器人(組裝完成)、S3機器人專用鋰電池、USB 轉 Micro USB傳輸線、說明書

  • Propeller P8X32A 微控制器
  • 3 個光線傳感器
  • 2 個循跡傳感器:2個紅外發射器/接收器
  • 2 個避障傳感器:2個交替紅外發射器和一個接收器
  • 筆端口,用於在紙上繪圖
  • 揚聲器,用於音頻輸出
  • 麥克風,用於檢測來自其他機器人的音頻音調
  • 2 個獨立直流輪子電動機
  • 輪子編碼器,用於精密操作
  • 輪子傳感器,用於輪子電動機
  • 車輪直徑:〜8厘米
  • 電源要求:3.7 V; 4000 mAh鋰電池
  • 尺寸:188 x 158.8 x 81mm
  • 工作溫度範圍:+10至+40°C