Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4G)


Raspberry Pi 4 出來了,和之前的版本最大的改變是多了 4GB/8GB 的記憶體版本可供選擇!


4GB 8GB 


NT$ 1,985 含稅

-NT$ 100

NT$ 2,085 含稅



The ultimate Raspberry Pi! a faster quad-core CPU, support for dual displays at up to 4K resolution, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB-C power. That's desktop PC performance!

 The overall form factor remains the same, so you'll still be able to use HATs and pHATs as before, but due to the changes to the ports on the Raspberry Pi 4, we've designed a brand new Pibow Coupé 4 case in three fetching colour-ways.



  • 使用 Broadcom 2711 四核心晶片(原本為 BCM2837B0)Quad-core Cortex-A72 64-bit SoC,單核心時脈可達 1.5GHz,有三倍速快。
  • 三種記憶體(LPDDR4 SDRAM)大小可選擇,分別是 1GB, 2GB, 和 4GB。
  • 乙太網路(Ethernet)達 True Gigabit Ethernet。
  • 支援藍牙5.0(Bluetooth 5.0)。
  • 兩個 USB 3.0 和 兩個 USB 2.0。
  • 支援雙銀幕輸出,解析度可達 4K。
  • 使用 VideoCore VI,可支援 OpenGL ES 3.x。
  • 可硬體解 4Kp60 HEVC 影片。

樹莓派Pi 3 B+ 樹莓派Pi 4
技術 藍芽升級4.2版本
升級雙頻網路 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz
透過USB 可將網路提升至300Mbps
雙頻網路 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz
晶片 雙核GPU的Broadcom 升級BCM2837B0
雙核GPU的Broadcom BCM2837
ARM的Cortex-A72 四核處理器
處理速度 1.4 GHz 升級 1.5 GHz
內存量 1 GB LPDDR2 memory 1 GB、2GB、4GB (3種)
LPDDR2 memory
USB 2.0 4 x USB 2.0 sockets 2x USB 3.0 ports
2x USB 2.0 ports
SD卡 MicroSD MicroSD
插針 40 pin 40 pin
電源 +5.1V @ 2.5A,多了POE功能(網路線供電) USB-C - 5V 3A,POE功能(網路線供電)
尺寸 86 x 56 x 17mm 85 x 56 x 17mm
micro HDMI 接頭 X2
產品壽命最少保證 至 2023年




As always with new Raspberry Pi models, you'll need the latest version of NOOBS or Raspbian to run on your Raspberry Pi 4. We sell a pre-imaged 32GB NOOBS card separately, or you can get one with our fully-loaded Pimoroni Raspberry Pi 4 Complete Starter Kit.

《Desktop-level performance》

The faster 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU on the Raspberry Pi 4's Cortex A72 SoC, coupled with the up to 4GB LPDDR4 RAM give performance comparable to entry-level x86 desktop PCs. You'll see significantly faster boot speeds, and much better performance for CPU-heavy tasks like emulation and media centre usage; much snappier all round!

The Raspberry Pi 4 moves to USB-C power meaning that you'll need a new USB-C power supply that can supply 5V at 3A. We've got a couple of different options: a worldwide USB-C power supply, and the official Raspberry Pi power supply.

Significantly faster IO傳輸速度提高10倍

The Raspberry Pi 4 has two USB 3.0 ports, for up to 10x faster transfer speeds than USB 2.0, perfect for connecting fast peripherals like SSDs and flash drives. There are also two USB 2.0 ports for connecting less speed-dependent peripherals like keyboards and mice.

The ethernet jack on the Raspberry Pi 4 moves to true gigabit speed, for super-speedy wired networking and, as with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, there's Power-over-Ethernet capability too (requires additional Raspberry Pi PoE HAT).

4K display support, dual micro-HDMI

There are dual micro-HDMI ports that support up to 4Kp60, to use your Raspberry Pi 4 with much larger displays with crisp, sharp, high resolution. Use the H.265 4Kp60 hardware decoding to watch 4K movies in your favourite media centre distro.

For the first time, you'll be able to use dual HDMI displays with the Raspberry Pi. This is great for working on a bunch of different tasks at the same time without having to work in tiny windows.

If you need a micro-HDMI adapter to use your existing HDMI cable with the Raspberry Pi 4 then we've got you covered!

Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless LAN2倍速度+4倍範圍

The shift to Bluetooth 5.0 (from 4.2 on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+) means you'll gettwice the speed (2 Mbit/s) and four times the range (50m outdoors, 10m indoors) that you did with the previous generation. You'll get better power efficiency compared with Bluetooth 4.2 also.

電源接頭從 USB micro-B 改成使用 USB-C,使用 5V/3A 以上電源供應器才能穩定使用。

視訊接頭從 type-A(full-size) HDMI 接頭改為兩個 type-D (micro) HDMI 接頭。

《乙太網路和 USB 接頭對調》
乙太網路可支援 Full-throughput Gigabit 速度,並和 USB 接頭位置對調,簡化佈線的困難度。由於 USB 和 Ethernet 分別使用 VL805 和 BCM54213PE 控制,因此可使用全速的 USB3.0 和 Gigabit 頻寬。


新版本(2019-06-20)的 Raspbian 也一併釋出,最大的改變就是升級到 Debian 10 Buster 了。完整的 release notes 如下:

  * Based on Debian Buster
  * Support for Raspberry Pi 4 hardware
  * FKMS OpenGL desktop graphics driver and xcompmgr compositing window manager used when running on Raspberry Pi 4
  * Screen Configuration application added for use with FKMS driver
  * Raspberry Pi 4 video output options added to Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Uses new PiXflat UI theme for GTK and Openbox
  * CPU activity gauge plugin no longer shown on taskbar by default
  * CPU temperature gauge plugin added (not shown by default)
  * USB ejecter and Bluetooth taskbar icons hidden when not appropriate
  * Version 74.0.3729.157 of Chromium web browser included
  * Version of Flash player included
  * IDLE Python IDE removed
  * Wolfram Mathematica removed temporarily due to incompatibility with Buster
  * Display of package sizes removed from Recommended Software
  * Appearance Settings modified to support independent settings for two monitors
  * Oracle Java 7 and 8 replaced with OpenJDK 11
  * Miscellaneous small bug fixes
  * On-board 5GHz WiFi blocked by rfkill by default
    The block is removed when taking one of the following actions:
    - Selecting a locale in the first run wizard
    - Setting the WiFi country in the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool or the Network Settings applet
    - Setting the WiFi country in raspi-config
    - Providing a wpa_supplicant.conf file through the boot partition
    - Running 'rfkill unblock wifi'
  * Boot partition size set to 256M
  * Linux kernel 4.19.50
  * Raspberry Pi firmware 88ca9081f5e51cdedd16d5dbc85ed12a25123201