SRF08 超音波測距感測器  查看大圖

SRF08 超音波測距感測器




NT$ 1,670 含稅



Communication with the SRF08 ultrasonic rangefinder is via the I2C bus.

This is available on popular controllers such as the OOPic and Stamp BS2p, as well as a wide variety of micro-controllers.

To the programmer the SRF08 behaves in the same way as the ubiquitous 24xx series eeprom's, except that the I2C address is different.

The default shipped address of the SRF08 is 0xE0. It can be changed by the user to any of 16 addresses E0, E2, E4, E6, E8, EA, EC, EE, F0, F2, F4, F6, F8, FA, FC or FE, therefore up to 16 sonar's can be used. In addition to the above addresses, all sonar's on the I2C bus will respond to address 0 - the General Broadcast address.

This means that writing a ranging command to I2C address 0 (0x00) will start all sonar's ranging at the same time. This should be useful in ANN Mode (See below). The results must be read individually from each sonar's real address. 



  • 電壓: 5v only required
  • 電流: 15mA Typ. 等待狀態 3mA.
  • 頻率: 40KHz
  • 範圍: 3cm - 6m .
  • 最大類比增益: Variable 94 to 1025 in 32 steps.
  • 連接:標準 I 2C Bus.
  • 光感測器: Front Facing light sensor.
  • 時序 Timing : Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of task.
  • Echo - Multiple echo - keeps looking after first echo.
  • 單位: 可以 uS, mm or inches 回報
  • 體積超小: 43mm x 20mm x 17mm ( 高 )




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